Live your dreams, do what you like!

Have you ever hat such thoughts like how wonderful it would be if I could learn a foreign language, or if I could draw, or if I could play the piano … Then I would like to say Congratulations to you because you CAN do it! Here I want to share my personal experiences in living my dreams with you. If you have dreams or ideas, you have had the entrance to living them. You don’t have to live from them. Remember it! Because your dreams are not responsible for making you rich financially. But they can make you rich and happy in your heart, which is not payable. You also don‘t need to take care of the results you will achieve. If you have fun during the process and have happy moments / or just one happy moment in your daily life, that‘s enough. Because your happiness and fulfillment are not always measurable with money or high performance. Don‘t compare yourself with others, only with your own past. If you have made progress (even just a little bit), it‘s good. If not, it‘s fine. Just keep going. Try to focus on enjoying the process, not the result. Now I come back to tell you about my own way to realize my dreams.

As I was a child, I dreamed of digging a hole into the earth to arrive at the Disneyland. Until my Dad told me that it‘s very hot in the middle of the earth, I gave up that plan. But I always wanted to go out to see the world. As I began to learn English in the school, I found it fascinating to be able to speak a totally different language from my mother tongue Chinese and thought it could be a key to another world. For me it was a very interesting new experience. Later I chose English as my major in the university only because I like learning languages. I didn’t think about how to earn money with my English skills. After my study, I found a job in Shenzhen. But I worked there only for one month and the dream of my childhood reminded me that it was not the life I wished. Of course not the dream of digging the hole in the earth, but seeing the world. I quit the job and told my parents that I wanted to study in Germany because I wanted to learn a second foreign language and experience new culture. My parents were very surprised and found my decision too spontaneous, but they accepted it and would support me if I could realize the plan. Then I went to Beijing to take the German intensive course. After that I studied German Language and Literature at the University in Trier. Until 2022 I have lived in Germany for 18 years and am happy about my decision in Shenzhen. Certainly there were lots of obstacles and failures. But they were a part of the whole experience and very valuable. Important is: see the difficulties as chances to get improved and keep going.

The journey continues…